New Look, New Everything

Over the past five years, we’ve dedicated countless hours of hard work towards helping small businesses grow their online reach. Working closely with all types of businesses has given us the opportunity to shift & evolve into the Rare Digital that you see today. Read on to see our new look. 

As we move forward into a new chapter of our business, we took this time to celebrate by refreshing our brand (and everything else).

With this being said, allow us to introduce you to our brand new logo & website! Our hexagon inspired logo was chosen because of its 6 sides which conveys the idea that in order to be creative, one must see the world from different angles. When working with a client we often become a part of their team & overall marketing strategy, which is why the R completes the shape.

Our website, down to the very last detail, has been customized to fit our new brand as well. The portfolio and blog pages provide insight on projects we’ve worked on in the past as well as tutorials highlighting some of our favorite digital marketing techniques. Through our services page, you can find in depth descriptions covering what resources we can offer your business stretching far beyond marketing alone. Our contact page as well as our about page include more information about who we are, what open positions are available on our team, and how to get in touch with us to start your next project.

Feel free to check out the rest of our website as well as our Instagram account & stay tuned for even more exciting content!

When you are ready, Say Hello & let us take your small business #BeyondMarketing.