Facebook and Instagram Ads – What I learned from running $25k worth

While running a digital marketing agency for the last 5 years, I gained a lot of first hand experience around the role that online ads play in increasing brand awareness. In that time I’ve managed over $25,000 worth of Facebook and Instagram ads. The lessons & experience I gained from that opportunity are outlined below, and are a great guide for anyone interested in building a strong digital presence.

Battle of the Visual Aids

In regards to advertising a blog post on Facebook, a study has been conducted to see if there was a difference in performance and viewer interaction depending on if the same blog post was teased with a video or with a stationary featured image. According to the results from this test, the video received 20 percent more clicks than the image. These results correspond with what I have learned during my experience with marketing in that videos and animations, such as boomerangs, receive more engagement and perform better than still pictures across all platforms. 

Hit the Bullseye with Your Audience

Marketing, regardless of the format of your Facebook & Instagram ads, requires a target audience. Finding the right audience for your content may be difficult at first, but through my experience I have found that the easiest way to achieve this is by starting with a wider audience than originally expected. By targeting a larger audience in the beginning, you are better able to narrow down your search each time you check your analytics for the content you are currently running. As time progresses, it gets easier to see trends within your audiences’ demographics, such as age, gender, interest, etc., and from there decisions can be made about which groups of people are more likely to respond positively to your future posts. From that point on, those likely respondents become your target audience.

The Hidden Art of Re-Marketing

Have you ever wondered why when you, as a consumer, search for a specific product on google it shows up in an advertisement on your instagram feed shortly after? This process is called remarketing and can be very effective when used with the right audience. If this marketing tool interests you, feel free to contact me and together we can set this up for your business or brand. 

Users who have interacted with your advertisements or website before can also be sectioned into custom audiences where you can target them with specific advertisements. In my experience, I have noticed that these advertisements do significantly well because the custom audience that they are designed for have already shown interest with the company, or related products and services. 

Switch it Up

One key point to remember in all of this is to not be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone. Successful marketing involves trial and error in order to know what works and what doesn’t. By testing different images and observing what my audience responded best to, I was able to use what I had learned about market trends to create a successful campaign for my brand. 

Complement Your Campaigns

Audiences are less likely to forget or ignore your campaign if they are exposed to it often. From my observations, marketing strategies that operate through means of increased exposure are most effective when a person or business is attempting to develop and strengthen their brand. I have found that audience engagement increases a considerable amount when on-going advertisements are created to complement shorter campaigns. By creating multiple ongoing ads and using a different format for each, you are able to appeal to different groups within your target audience. 

In order to achieve long-term success with your Facebook & Instagram ads, it is important to review the progress of these campaigns monthly and assess any changes that need to be made. One example of a necessary change that may need to occur is a change in creative techniques if the frequency of a single advertisement is greater than four.


Although regular exposure can be beneficial in gaining a larger audience, it can have the opposite effect on your target audience if they are repeatedly shown the same advertisement. When analytics show that your audience members have seen one of your advertisements four or more times, we suggest creating a new advertisement for your campaign to avoid negative engagement.

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