How We Work: Asana Highlight

We have recently launched a new series across our social media accounts called “How We Work” where we plan on highlighting a new software each week that we use to run our business. In this blog, we will be featuring one of our all time favorite web/mobile applications called Asana. Asana is designed with one goal in mind- to make organizing and managing tasks simple! It offers an easy to use dashboard that allows you to condense all of your current & past projects in one place. Recently, we attended a virtual workshop with Asana to learn more tips on how to get the most out of this amazing app. Keep reading for some of our favorite tips, tricks, & uses for Asana!

How We Work – Asana

In terms of overall production, Asana serves as a backstage providing us a place to do all of the behind the scenes prep work needed for anything from web design and iOS development projects to digital marketing campaigns for our brand as well as our clients. Working as our own virtual HQ, Asana houses most of our digital resources as well as our running to-do lists & works as yet another channel for communication within our team.

My Tasks

Our most used feature with Asana is called “My Tasks” which is a collective list from all projects that allows each user to view what they are currently assigned and provides them with reminders to ensure they never miss a deadline! When it comes to project management, we appreciate that Asana gives us the option to view our timeline in a dashboard, list, or calendar format. We also love that Asana includes project tracking tools and milestone markers for larger projects. Pro tip: If you need to set up recurring tasks on a weekly basis in Asana, adjust the deadline of your task so that it repeats automatically 7 days after completion!⠀

Regardless of the size of your business, Asana provides helpful tools necessary to ensure that things are running as efficiently as possible. One thing that business owners, students, & generally anyone with long term aspirations can all benefit from is Asana’s ability to map out goals using the customized action steps necessary to achieve them. Whether it’s professional or personal goals you are looking to fulfill before the year ends, this app is a game changer that we can’t recommend enough! ⠀

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