How We Work: Mailchimp Highlight

In this installment of our How We Workseries, we are going to be discussing how we use Mailchimp on a weekly basis to help run our business. They have quickly become the all-in-one integrated digital marketing platform for small businesses. It features email marketing software to encourage brand/audience communication as well as tools for creating digital ads and domains to help your business grow. Mailchimp isn’t just great for designing new campaigns, it also features management tools such as automated scheduling capabilities and easy-to-read performance reports that even include custom recommendations based on your own analytics. Keep reading for more insight on how we personally use this software as well as our favorite tips, tricks, & features that could be helpful when working with Mailchimp! ⠀

Modern Email Marketing

We love Mailchimp mainly for its email marketing capabilities which is primarily what we use this program for. From creating weekly newsletters for our clients to designing our own bimonthly newsletter, Mailchimp provides us with easy to customize templates perfect for any occasion and analytic reports to help us make informed decisions on future campaigns.

Through our many years of using Mailchimp for all of our email marketing needs, we’ve discovered many helpful features that set this platform apart from the rest. They offer easily customizable templates to build on and even has the option to duplicate older newsletters into templates to help your business maintain consistent branding for future campaigns. Once you are finished designing, Mailchimp also allows you to send test emails to preview your creations before they go out to your audience as well as provides you the option to schedule your campaign to be sent out on a later date and time. 

Aside from this, they also offer plenty of resources and opportunities for growth. We recently had the opportunity to become partners with Mailchimp and even connect with other small businesses around the world through their new Mailchimp & Co initiative. Our learning doesn’t stop there! Our employees have even taken steps towards becoming Mailchimp certified learning more and more about the platform every step of the way.