Immerse Yourself in Nature // Increase Productivity

Working from home is no longer a short term luxury, it is a way of life for most people around the world. Our eyes burn from staring at computer screens and our fingers ache with pain from tapping away all day. When humans are confined to their homes it takes a huge toll on their physical and mental health. You may feel like you are constantly being faced with asking yourself how to increase productivity, without having any knowledge of how to shake your slump. We know how to increase productivity while you’re feel sluggish and burned out.

As the “new normal” of WFH progresses, we are seeing high rates of burnout as well as feelings of isolation. According to Harvard Business Review, “Attention Restoration Theory” tells us that spending time outdoors gives humans curative opportunities to mentally restore themselves. Natural environments demand us to feel captivated in the moment without having to focus our thoughts and energy on it. Looking at natural  environments lets us replenish our stores of attention control.

In other words, it is important to make the sale, create software, teach others, and do the research that is required from our demanding occupations, but the most effective way to work is when your mind and body has had a chance to replenish. The most effective way to be productive in your work setting is to spend time in nature. With that said, get outside! Rain or shine ☔️ ☀️


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