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By Zain 3 years ago
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Backup Your WordPress Website

The How & Why

The key to a successful backup is the ability to restore from it. If for some reason your database gets corrupted (malware, hardware failure, hacked etc) a backup can help restore your site and get you up and running again quickly.

We recommend backing up your WordPress database daily, and your entire site weekly. For extra protection, you should archive your last 3 backups, and store them someplace other than on your server. This can be done through a cloud storage service, like Google Drive or Dropbox, or even on your local computer (be sure you’re backing this up as well).


In order to help automate this process we recommend one of these popular free WordPress backup plugins:

Verifying if the backups work is just as important as having them in place. Restoring from one of your backups at least once a quarter will give you that extra piece of mind.

“A good backup is one you can restore from.”

We understand the importance of a back up, and that is why we provide daily & weekly site backups as part of our managed support package. To learn more about how we can help keep your site running smoothly check out our support page or contact us today.

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