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Heilman Designs

Art Anywhere, Anytime


Pastel Boxes

Margaret & John Heilman (of Heilman Designs) create and sell portable hand-crafted wooden boxes for artists. Art is increasingly becoming an important avenue for stress relief and positive energy. Margaret & John recognized a need for portable, safe systems for pastels and created their line of Heilman Pastel Boxes to fill the gap.

Their mission is to make this experience as simple and efficient as possible. The unique design and fine craftsmanship of their products, as well as their focused customer service, sets them apart from others in this field of commerce.

E-Commerce Store

We began working together amid a crisis. A WordPress update caused a conflict with the theme they were using on their website freezing their shopping cart, a detrimental issue for any business. They tried for several days but were unable to find help locally.

Marge found Rare Digital via our online website. “Mr. Joyce returned my call quickly and within hours I had a functioning shopping cart with orders coming in,” she said. “Since then, Zain and Rare Digital have been instrumental in helping us. John, and I, and our growing business appreciate this company immensely.”

“…within hours I had a functioning shopping cart with orders coming in.”

It was not only our great pleasure to get Heilman Designs back online in a hurry, it was our job. We have provided continued support since our restoration of their site in 2014.

You can check out Heilman Pastel Boxes for yourself online at any time via http://heilmandesigns.com/

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