Meet the New Rare Digital

By Zain 3 years ago
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Meet the new Rare Digital

Everything's Changed

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website,, which is the foundation for several additional improvements. We have created a new logo, added a blog section, integrated a live chat feature and now offer software development services.

To begin, we completely redesigned our look – from the ground up. In addition to many aesthetic changes, our website is now more secure. Users can also expect faster loading speeds and a more responsive layout when on a mobile device.

New Logo

Our new logo consists of a our name above a single line connecting two dots. Below the line is our new motto: Connecting Businesses. It is our goal to remain a silent player at the center of our clients’ success. Whether you need to keep your employees connected internally, or your customers connected to you, we can help.


New Chat

A new live chat service was implemented to make our team more readily available to clients and new visitors. If we aren’t online, there is an option to leave a message, which we will respond to within 24 hours. We understand how critical a working website is for businesses today, and have therefore made rapid response times a priority.

New Blog

We have also launched a new blog that features client stories, news about technology, a how-to section, and guest posts. The blog is available at, or you can subscribe below.

New Services

At Rare Digital, we are known for our custom website design and support. We have expanded our services, and are now offering software development to our clients. Our software development options include both custom web & iOS applications. With either option clients can expect a more streamlined business. For more information on our new service visit our Software Development page or contact us.

We look forward to your feedback. Send us an email or start a chat conversation & let us know what you think.

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Zain has been developing web & iOS software for over 10 years. He launched Rare Digital in 2011 to bring his technological expertise to small businesses. He has a knack for paying close attention to detail, problem solving, and creative design.