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Squash Unlimited

High-Quality Squash Gear


Squash Enthusiast

Larry Howes of Canada is a squash player, enthusiast and self proclaimed “gear head.” He sold squash equipment across the USA & Canada through his first online store from 2003 to 2005. He has since opened a brick & mortar location in Kingston, ON Canada, and is currently developing his second website.

High Quality Equipment

Larry & his employees avoid marketing hype and give honest answers to their customers about gear and the game. Although their reach is growing, the folks at Squash Unlimited remain true to their roots.  “We are still a small business…we playtest everything we sell before stocking it and feel that each product has merit on the court,” Larry said.

“…Rare Digital helped me redesign and maintain the first website I built, and are always super patient and super helpful”

Moving Online

In 2016, the original Racquet-Science website was refreshed and with the help of Rare Digital, work began on a new Squash Unlimited website. The ongoing support we provide for each website provides Larry the time he needs to focus on his physical customers in Canada and not fall behind with those he reaches with his online presence. 

“Rare Digital helped me redesign & maintain the first website I built, and are always super patient and super helpful,” Larry commented. Working with great clients like Larry make our jobs not only enjoyable, but also easy.

To purchase gear, or browse products, you can visit either of the sites via the addresses below:
https://racquet-science.com and http://squashunlimited.ca


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