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By Zain 2 years ago
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Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

With Updates, Plugins, and Backups


Security Check

Keeping your WordPress site secure should be one of your top priorities. When it comes to preventing attacks on your website a good offense is the best security defense. Regularly installing updates, using the right plugins & having working backups are all key to a successful strategy.

Stay Up to Date

WordPress makes it relatively easy to keep up to date with your plugins and core versions. From the Dashboard navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins > Updates Available. If you have multiple plugins ready for update we suggesting doing one at a time. That way you can check your site after each update to make sure everything is running smoothly. If there are any issues you know exactly which plugin is causing the issue.

In addition to the plugins you have installed you should also keep the WordPress framework on the latest stable version. If you need help with these updates make sure to check out our support package.

Plugin Recommendations

With hundreds of thousands of plugins available for WordPress it can be daunting when it comes to selecting the best one for your site. We recommend two plugins that will help Limit Login Attempts & WordFence Security. While WordFence does offer the ability to limit logins we prefer the simplicity of the Limit Login Attempts plugin. With these two plugins installed you can rest assured your site is being actively protected & ready for what ever attack comes your way.

Working Backups

Just in case something does happen to your site, working backups are your last line of defense. You should be keeping daily backups of your database along with weekly full backups of your entire site. Take a look at our previous post on how to backup your WordPress site for more tips and tricks.

Going forward we hope you implement these suggestions since they will definitely help keep your WordPress site secure. Along with plugin updates, we also offer automated site backups as part of our support package. Get a free hour of support by signing up today.


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