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Sole Luna Films

Event & Wedding Cinematography

San Francisco Cinematography

Soleluna Films, owned by John Escobar, is a wedding and event cinematography studio located in the bustling city of San Francisco. For the past year, they have vividly captured once-in-a-lifetime occasions for countless individuals, combining the elements of music, sound, and movement. “We are passionate about capturing the big moments, the little moments, the unexpected moments, and most of all, our clients story.”

Modern Movies

With a focus on high quality films with a cinematic feel, Soleluna’s work is much different than your typical wedding videographer. They utilize the highest quality equipment and advanced techniques to accurately capture their clients most treasured moments. If you visit their site, we guarantee their films will speak for themselves.

“…we recommend their services to anyone looking to create a high quality website, with great collaboration”

Collaboration First

We designed a previous website for John, and were pleased to help launch the Soleluna project last year. “Rare Digital was able to provide our studio with an amazing website and the knowledge on how to customize it to our needs.” 

Our team worked hand in hand to ensure that we provided a format suitable for showcasing the work of Soleluna films, as well as easy access for current & potential clients. “Rare Digital is amazing to work with and we recommend their services to anyone looking to create a high quality website, with great collaboration.” Thanks Soleluna, we couldn’t agree more!

Check out the work of Soleluna films at


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