Advancing Children of Turlock

By Myka 11 months ago
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Advancing Children of Turlock

Strengthening the Community

Children First

Advancing Children of Turlock (ACT), Established in 2015, is a social and philanthropic non-profit working to benefit the lives and opportunities of underprivileged children in the Turlock community.  The organization was formed as a way for professionals who care about the youth of the community to come together, network, and socialize while planning and hosting events that raise money to directly benefit local youth.

There are many non-profit organizations in the Turlock community, ranging from international chapters to local start ups. As the ACT mission suggests, 100% of the funds raised are invested in Turlock’s children in need, setting the organization apart with a strong focus on the youth of their community, and their pure generosity.

Spread the Word

In exchange for sponsoring the 2017 ACT Like a Superhero Fun Run, Rare Digital created the website for the organization. We were mindful of ACT’s need to showcase the professionalism of their members, yet demonstrate their focus on today’s youth. “[Rare Digital] was amazing to work with; creative, flexible, and wasted no time getting our site up and running,” ACT commented.

“…amazing to work with; creative, flexible, and wasted no time getting our site up and running

The website has given the organization more credibility, a way to display photos of meetings & fundraisers, provides a calendar of events, and a direct way for sponsors to donate to the cause. “We look forward to using this website as a vehicle to expand our reach to a larger audience in our community, and are beyond pleased with the final product,” ACT added.

The generosity of everyone at ACT should not go unnoticed. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more today at

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