How Often Should Your Business Post to Social Media

By Liz 2 years ago
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Post to Social Media

Frequency by Network


When discussing a social media strategy with small businesses we usually get asked the same question: How often should my business post to social media? Our answer, it depends on the network plus your overall online marketing goals.

We decided to put together this simple infograph to highlight the number of posts we recommend per week broken down by network. This is a great starting point whether you are just starting out or have an established online community.

  • Facebook – 3-5 posts/week
  • Instagram – 5-7 posts/week
  • Twitter – 25-30 posts/week
  • Snapchat – 20-25 posts/week
  • Pinterest – 30-35 pins/week


If you need any help managing your social media accounts, or running Instagram Ads, don’t hesitate to reach out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Do you have questions about a network we left out? Start a chat with our team or contact us today.


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