How We Improved One Clients Page Load Speed by 80%

By Zain 2 years ago
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Increased Speed

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Human beings are impatient by nature. In business, as in life, the old saying holds true: time is money. To save our client a little of both, we revamped their website, increasing their page load speed by 80%.

Optimized Images

The first step we took was implementing  the WP Smush Plugin. The use of this Plugin compressed over 3,000 images on the website, resulting in a 70mb (5.5%) savings. The less time people are waiting for content to load, the more time they can spend browsing the site.



Enabled Caching

Additionally, we installed and configured the WP Super Cache plugin. We made sure to exclude all e-commerce pages to avoid any issues at check out.



Streamlined Homepage

A quick review of the site’s analytics provided insight into the number of clicks the homepage slider received. This allowed us to decrease the number of images, from 144 to 72. Less images require less loading time, increasing overall speed and performance.

Analytical results and the integration of common Plugins can be quick fixes to minor issues, that may otherwise deter great customers. Make sure you’re reviewing your analytics frequently, and stay up to date with all plugins.

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