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The Weese Team

The Weese Team is comprised of realtors Neil Weese & Kimberly Wisdorf. After three decades in the industry, the team decided to combine their experience & begin a real estate company all their own. Kimberly and Neil are highly committed to serving the community in various ways. Since both agents live in Turlock and are familiar with the surrounding areas, they felt that it was important to help grow and build the market in the Central Valley.

Dedicated & Knowledgeable

The overall goal of The Weese Team is to provide their customer with the best possible experience when buying or selling their home. They serve as a resource of expertise for residential, agricultural, and commercial properties in the valley. “We believe that we achieve success by helping others and reaching their goals,” Kimberly said. Their dedication and special care to their customers truly makes The Weese Team stand out from the rest.

“…Our listings are receiving much more exposure from Rare Digital’s knowledge and skill in social media marketing.”

When it comes to selling homes and other properties, The Weese Team are true experts. Rare Digital’s role with the team is to create attractive and engaging social media posts to promote their brand, advertise the homes and properties that they have listed, and increase their business by growing their online presence. Consistent posts to Facebook & Instagram, as well as the advertisements we have began running, have been working wonders for the team. With our expertise in social media marketing, they are able to reach thousands of new potential clients in the central valley. “Our listings are receiving much more exposure from Rare Digital’s knowledge and skill in social media marketing,” states Kimberly of The Weese Team.

Looking Forward

We are thrilled to be involved in promoting a team of wonderful agents who are devoted to their clients and the community. As we continue to create engaging & relevant content for the team, we won’t lose site of our goal, which is to grow their overall reach, and increase their overall business success.

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