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Top 5 Posts

2017 Edition


Looking Back

As we move into 2018, we’d like to share our Top 5 posts from this year, in case you missed them or would like to explore them once more. From How-To Videos & Client Spotlights to Website Tips & Free Givaways. We are beyond grateful to our loyal and brand new clients alike, and thank each of you for the opportunity to work together this year.

To our readers, our clients, our family & all of our friends – Happy reading, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Top 5

How To – Create Animated Videos for Instagram

June 19, 2017
  Social Media Reach As a small business, it is always one of our top priorities to be active on various social media platforms. Consistently posting to social media accounts is the most effective way to grow your reach. Creating Animated Instagram Videos Instagram is a perfect place for advertising and promoting business because of its 700 million monthly active users. One way to create eye catching posts is to create animated Instagram videos. We utilize the Adobe Spark Post app to create these stories because it is user friendly, contains a lot of different design options, and best of all… its FREE. Capabilities When you first login to Spark Post, you can start by using a template by choosing either the ‘categories’ or ‘featured’ designs to remix and change to make it your own.If you want to start from scratch, you can click on the green circle with the white plus sign. Here is where you start your own design. Once you have selected “Solid Color”, you have endless options for your background color. From there you are able to choose which type of social media post you are creating this animated video for. Choosing the type of post is a great feature because it ensures that your video is going to fit and look great in your post.Once you choose your color and type of social media post, you are able to add photos, add and edit text, choose a layout to create a layered effect, integrate some template design ideas, and choose your animation for the video. Attractive Text The text editing options are incredible with the app. There are lots of different fonts to choose from, colors, shapes, alignment options, opacity, and spacing. Creating text that looks appealing is an easy task with Spark Post.  Adding Photos Not only can you add your own images to your animated story, but this app also has a wide selection of free stock photos to choose from. You have the option of adding photos of your products or business, or simply adding a beautiful free photo to make your video perfect. Animations Made Easy It is so simple to add animations to your video. We highly recommend that you complete the other design aspects of your video first, and then you add the animation last to create a finished product. There are a variety of animations to choose from. When you select an animation, the image above previews the animation so that you can easily choose which one looks best. We hope that this post was beneficial to you and your company. If you would like for us to create a FREE animated social media post for you, please contact us today.      

7 Must Have Pages for Your Small Business Website

May 23, 2017
  Businesses thrive when they have a professional and clean online presence. When people visit a website, they are there with the intention of learning more about the company, seeing what products or services that the business provides, and having a positive learning or shopping experience. These are the 7 pages that you must have on your small business website to help maximize reach. Home The homepage sets the tone for your company. It is important to have an attractive homepage that catches the eye of the visitor and also explains what your company is all about. Since the visitor has inquired about your company via your website, they do not want to wait more than a few seconds for the page to load. Make sure that your homepage loads quickly and is both adaptive and responsive. About On the about page you are given the opportunity to paint a picture of who you are and what the company’s overall value is. This is where you sell your company to the visitor. Make sure to be genuine, utilize personal connection, and make your visitor see why they should choose your business. Products / Services The products and services page is the reason why visitors have come to the website in the first place. They are in the market for the products and services that your business provides, therefore it is vital to give detailed information about each product or service that you provide. Organization and ease of access is also incredibly important when designing this page. Testimonials As a society we thrive on the thoughts, experiences, and opinions of others. Having a testimonials page presents potential new customers with some real-life comments about the quality of the products and/or services that your business provides. Show off all of the positive experiences that your customers have had with your company. Contact Businesses often fall short when it comes to communicating with their customers in a simple and timely manner. Providing multiple means of contact is important (phone number, e-mail, mailing address, fax number) so that the visitor feels comfortable choosing your company for their needs. If you want to avoid receiving spam, you could also create a contact form in lieu of simply listing the e-mail address. Blog A blog page on your small business website is a cheap and effective way to market your business. When you create an ongoing stream of blog posts you are showing your new and returning customers a couple of key things: you are consistently updating the website (dates are listed on each post), you are providing quality and useful information for your site visitors (long & in-depth posts perform much better than short & shallow posts), and the overarching theme/important topics of your company. Sitemap Your sitemap is essential on your website because it provides a list of the pages on your site. Sitemaps are mainly important for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. The link to your sitemap should be in the footer of all of

Trello Gold Custom Backgrounds

April 4, 2017
    Shine Bright Trello provides flexibility for individuals & teams who need help maintaining their workloads. Trello Gold takes things one step further, allowing users the option to customize their boards with a personal background, upload larger attachments & enable more power ups. They offer a few background options, or you can upload a photo of your own. We’ve created 10 high-resolution backgrounds, guaranteed to look great in Trello, and are offering them FREE to use on your next board. Just fill out the form above & you will be redirected to a page that has a link to download all 10.  Custom Gradients Please The dimensions for these Trello background images are 1280px x 720px so they will fit any screen size. If you’d like us to make you a custom color combination contact us today or connect with us on Facebook & Twitter.

Ciccarelli Jewelers

March 21, 2017
  Central Valley Jewelers Over 25 years ago Greg and Carla Ciccarelli opened the doors of their jewelry store in the heart of the Central Valley. “Our goal has always been to build relationships, and to have our customers become our friends,” they shared. Specializing in bridal and custom made jewelry, they have managed to do just that. Their “newest” employee has been a part of the team for over 20 years. Greg, Carla, and each of their employees believe in providing excellent service, outstanding values, and creating life-long friends out of customers. Refreshed Design They were referred to us through another business in the industry in 2016, and quickly knew we’d make the perfect pair. “From the moment we first met with the team, we knew that they could modernize our website while still maintaining the personal touch we wanted,” they commented. We redesigned the website to refresh their online presence, yet maintain the personal touch Ciccarelli Jewelers is known for. The new features we implemented provide user-friendly access, navigation, and overall ease for finding the perfect piece of jewelry. Looking Forward Additionally, we provided step-by-step instructions that will allow the Ciccarelli team to make subtle changes to the website on their own. “We look forward to working with Rare Digital again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great business website” they added.  If you are in the market for a new piece of jewelry, check out Ciccarelli Jewelers!  http://www.ciccarellijewelers.com

How To – Add Scroll Progress Bar to WordPress

December 20, 2016
  Scroll On The scroll progress bar is an easy way to show users how far into an article they are. We recommend using the Reading Position Indicator plugin that can be found in the WordPress plugin directory. Once you have installed the plugin, go to Appearance > Progress to configure the style, height & color. Custom Placement By default the plugin will show up on all pages. In our case, we only wanted the progress bar to show up on blog posts & portfolio entires. Luckily this is possible with a little bit of custom CSS code (see below).   Using the above code will hide the scroll bar on all page templates but not on posts. If you need any assistance setting up or configuring a scroll progress bar on your site let us know. We’d be happy to help.  
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