How To – Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

By Zain 2 years ago
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Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

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Over 95% of social media marketers agree that Facebook is the most effective social media advertising platform currently available. Fortunately for small business owners, these advertisements are extremely customizable, increasing their effectiveness and positive gains. Today, we’ll review a few tips to keep in mind to create the most effective Facebook Ad Campaign for your business.


The effectiveness of any advertisement directly depends on who it actually reaches. Facebook Advertisements excel in this area because they allow you to choose the specific audience you’re targeting. Be sure that you are aiming at the demographic(s) most likely to increase sales and exposure for your business. If you run a brick and mortar store, we recommend targeting a local audience. If your products serve a specific age group or gender, be sure they are targeted accordingly. In addition to the audience, you can customize delivery options. There is a standard, or accelerated delivery method available.

Set a Budget

Another important piece of your advertisement to consider is your budget. Establishing a revenue goal for your campaign informs the ad planning process and helps you more accurately report the ROI. You want to make sure you are not over spending. The idea is to drive business and increase revenue. Make sure you are not bankrupting yourself searching for new clients and business opportunities.

Quality Content

Additionally, be mindful of the type of ad you’re using, and the placement. Whether implementing a video, a single or multiple item photo, or an offer based advertisement, visual appeal should remain. The more visually stunning your advertisement is, the better traffic will be for you. This includes not only what the image or video is, but also the quality.

Always use high quality, non-grainy images and video clips. To choose between videos, photos, or offer based ads we suggest running multiple advertisements over the length of a campaign so that you can review analytics and choose the most effective type & placement for your business.

With countless advertisement options at your fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Keeping the items we reviewed above at the foundation of your decision making should help you create the most effective ad for your business. If you need help creating your first, or next, Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaign or – we’re here to help!


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