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Get the Most Out of Instagram Stories

Stories 101


Stories first appeared on the popular social media platform Snapchat. Since, Instagram has adopted – and improved – the integration of Stories on their application. Instagram Stories are photos or videos that a user can post to their story line that remain viewable by all audiences for 24 hours. Instagram has incorporated a Highlights feature that allows users to save their stories indefinitely, in case anyone wants to re-visit them at a later time. In addition to the Highlights feature, Instagram Stories include other means for user & customer engagement – including polls, direct messaging access, and the ability to re-post & share. 

What good does this do for you business? The Stories feature can become an effective – and FREE – marketing & lead generating channel. Below we outline four options that can work for all types of businesses across the board.

Pre-Planned Story Lines

Improvements in technology are allowing individuals instantaneous access to just about any information they desire. Anyone can leave your Instagram page, or Story, with the simple swipe or click of their finger. To captivate your audience, our first tip is to create a Cohesive Story before posting. If your Story segments build upon one another, the likelihood of a viewer watching the full story line is greater than if your stories do not mesh. Try to entice users within the first 3-5 seconds, and always shoot your stories vertically.

Behind The Scenes

Another captivating piece of Instagram Stories is that they provide a look inside your business customers & clients wouldn’t normally be able to see. Whether you share your morning routine, route to a business meeting, steps of a business trip, or raw images from photo shoots, providing all access insight to your business has been linked to increased lead generation & dedicated customers. Think about the businesses you enjoy, what you’d like to know about them, and share those pieces of your company with your viewers and the Instagram community.


The poll feature Instagram offers creates instant engagement & feedback. Whether you are using the default “Yes or No” poll, or tailor the responses to your business, viewers can easily provide their opinion without completing a lengthy survey. Your business gains the effective information it was after, and your audience gains a sense of ownership. 


Another option on your Instagram Story is running a Giveaway. The perks of a Social Media Giveaway are two fold.  Announcing a Giveaway ahead of time will encourage (and sometimes guaranty) repeat visitors and increased exposure & foot traffic. Individuals may also share this information with their friends, expanding your reach even further. Additionally, a Giveaway makes your viewers feel appreciated, and that definitely goes a long way!

Whether you are trying to increase your social media following, announce new products, or simply spice up the social aspect of your business, we encourage the use of Instagram Stories, and all of the wonderful features they encompass. If your Instagram Story contains something we’ve forgotten to mention, let us know by joining the conversation on Twitter! Happy Posting!


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