The Continued Rise Of Digital Marketing

By Zain 1 year ago
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Rise of Digital Marketing

Up & to the Right


The Future of Marketing

In 2016, the U.S. spend on digital advertisements surpassed that of TV. TV ad spend includes funds spent on both broadcast & cable TV networks, while digital ad spend encompasses advertisements that appear on desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, other internet connected devices & the various advertising formats these items support. By 2020, Digital Ad spend is expected to reach $113 billion dollars, up from $59 billion in 2015. By 2019, mobile ad spending will represent more than 1/3 of total ad spending in the U.S. Video ad spending is scheduled to increase by double digit percentages as well.

What does mobile advertising, video advertising, and the $50 billon dollar increase in Digital Ad spend mean for the future of small businesses? Extended reach, consumer interaction, and increased sales. In the article below, we outline how to utilize this advertising shift to enhance your business experience and the success of your company.


Facebook Ad Benefits

Facebook is one of the top platforms displaying digital ads. They allow you to target a specific audience – by location, gender, age group, etc. – ensuring your marketing budget is utilized to its fullest potential. The interactive functionality of Facebook allows customers, or interested persons, to comment or share your advertisement with their friends or family as well.

Increase Reach on Instagram

Another way to leverage the platforms supporting digital ad is to boost posts on Instagram, or utilize the concept of influencers. Boosting a post turns an ordinary photo or video into an advertisement for your company. Your reach is immediately extended, and brand awareness is simultaneously improved. Influencers are consumers who enjoy & willingly promote your brand. Sending a personalized package to an influencer usually results in a public post featuring your website domain, or Instagram handle. With 84% of consumers stating their purchases are influenced by what they see on social media, the odds appear to be in your favor.

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Aside from the popular social platforms of Facebook & Instagram, you can run advertisements on LinkedIn, with Google, or other popular websites. Whether you choose to run a video, banner or interactive poll, your investment in digital ad spend is sure to result in positive outcomes for your business. Share your most effective digital ad campaigns with us by joining the conversation on Twitter

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