The Benefits of Monthly Goal Setting

By Myka 1 year ago
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Monthly Goal Setting

& Its Benefits


Tracking the progress your company is making on open projects or tasks is a common philosophy and business practice. There are applications to assist with this, including task managers, written planners & agendas, daily meetings, and alert reminders. This month, we want to share the importance of completing the follow through on projects, tasks, or posts. There is a lot of focus surrounding the completion of a business plan, but reviewing the overall outcome is sometimes a forgotten step. In the below bulletin, we outline the importance of monthly goal setting – including reviewing analytics, making notes & implementing changes moving forward.

Review Monthly Analytics

The first, and possibly most important take away form this article, is that you cannot improve what you do not track. That is, you may be posting to Social Media often, however if the traffic isn’t there – your hard work may be going unnoticed. It is important to review the analytics on your digital marketing efforts to ensure you are maximizing the returns on your time spent creating content. Though you may have a weekly task reminding you to post to your Instagram, blog or Facebook, if you are not reviewing the analytics on these posts your efforts could be all for not. Creating content that increases your chances of hitting monthly traffic, exposure or sales goals should be an essential part of your plan. Once you’re able to pinpoint which articles, posts or platforms provide the most attention for your business, you will be able to reevaluate your digital marketing plan for the coming month(s).

Turn Dreams Into Reality

Additionally, if you set goals you always have something to strive for. Some say, “The difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline.” That is, we are more likely to accomplish things when we place a limited time frame on them. In theory, if you say you want to begin incorporating Social Media posts into your marketing plan, you may post once, or twice, and then fall short. If, on the other hand, you set a measurable goal for yourself – ie: 15 Social Media posts this month – you are able to create daily tasks that will help you achieve the outcome you were before only hoping for.

There is no doubt that life gets hectic, and things that aren’t imperative to your daily business functionality are the first to fall off the radar. Goal setting is a great way to keep your business improving, rather than simply surviving. Keep in mind, you can always attach a reward to a goal to keep you motivated and engaged in what you are trying to achieve.

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