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Productivity Tips

For Your Small Business


Business owners often face multiple questions about how to make time for your passion. There are many excuses we can make as human beings: we’re tired, we have to cook dinner, we just need some time to relax. Below, we review our top 3 productivity tips for small business owners to help you overcome common obstacles that may be keeping you from getting the most out of your business.

Implement An Effective Planning System

Human beings are each given the same 24 hours per day. While we can’t physically stretch that time, we can change the way we utilize the time that we have. To effectively conquer this, we suggest implementing a planning system that works for you. There are several applications, as well as many different desk calendars or physical planners, available to assist with time management. We encourage you to determine which is the most effective planning method for you, and stick to that. If you are often on your smartphone or laptop, investing in an application may be the best choice for you. If you prefer to keep a notepad around with a physical to-do list, stick to the age old pen & paper routine. Whether you opt to use technology or remain old-fashioned, creating a to-do list or plan of action helps you stay focused on key tasks you need to complete in the given time that you have to work.

Always Prioritize

Time management is an important piece to running a successful business. If you always work on trivial tasks, the more difficult tasks get pushed aside until you’re deadline is suddenly rapidly approaching. Learning to prioritize your workload will ensure that you are not avoiding critical tasks while completing several things that are more trivial.

Do More By Doing Less

We acknowledge the importance of creating a healthy work-life balance. That said, if you are willing to give up some of the time you spend binging Netflix, browsing social media, or golfing you will gain more time that you can allocate toward growing your business. If you are already reducing your personal time, remember to think before committing to invitations. Before you agree to something out of obligation, truly think about the portion of your day it will consume. Be cautious of webinars & training sessions. Though they promise to help improve your business, they may take away time you could be dedicating to urgent business tasks.

Don’t overcommit yourself, develop your focus and always give your full attention to the task at hand. Remember that doing the most with the time you have requires that you review your to-do list often, and allow yourself the freedom to reevaluate as needed. Having an organized operating plan, and a priorities list, reduces personal stress and opens your company to more business opportunities.

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