Top 4 Tips For Posting Engaging Content On Social Media

By Myka 9 months ago
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Top 4 Tips For Posting Engaging Content On Social Media

Having a social media platform for your business is a great way to reach audiences outside of your physical location. Each platform provides a different opportunity for your business. On Facebook, you can run advertisements, host interactive sessions & post high definition photos. Instagram is a great space for quick polls, sharing teasers about coming events, and reaching a younger audience. Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube & several other outlets are great additions for marketing your business or your brand. Whichever outlet you choose for your business, the key to having a successful social media presence is to provide consistent, engaging content. Below, we outline our Top 4 Tips for posting engaging content.

  • Utilize A Call To Action
    Including a Call To Action in your social media post encourages your audience to interact with your company, and can serve as a free marketing tool. When your followers & clients are prompted to “Like,” “Re-post,” “Tag,” “Comment,” or “Share,” the post with others – your information quickly spreads across a virtual network. Creating an interactive post also creates a feeling of ownership amongst your clients & followers.
  • Shoot Videos
    Sharing a video provides a level of depth your followers do not get when you post a still photograph. Videos capture mannerisms, emotions & provide a visual representation of your personality & brand. Consider sharing a Behind The Scenes video or on-going story, to give your audience a look at a day in the life of your business!
  • Use Animation
    Have you met a Boomerang you didn’t like? Us neither! Using animation is sure to catch the eye of your audience. Whether you are overlaying a still photograph with animated text, or create a boomerang, viewers will be more engaged than when you share a single still shot.
  • Host Polls/Question & Answer Sessions
    Hosting a Q&A session allows you to answer frequent questions & requests for a broad audience. If utilizing instagram, you can save the Q&A session to your Highlights section so your clients & customers have a central place to locate information. The Polls feature, also in Instagram, allows you to gather quick information from your clients, customers & followers.  Answering a quick poll is much easier than a full length survey & can create the same results!

Pro-Tip: Go live! Creating a one-of-a-kind experience for you audience is a great idea.

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