Why Your Website or App Should Offer Chat

September 13, 2017
  Why live chat? Customers are becoming more & more distracted and want information to be available to them instantly. The most efficient and cost effective way to provide assistance to your customer is to have live chat on your website. It is convenient for your customer to quickly write

How Often Should Your Business Post to Social Media

August 25, 2017
  When discussing a social media strategy with small businesses we usually get asked the same question: How often should my business post to social media? Our answer, it depends on the network plus your overall online marketing goals. We decided to put together this simple infograph to

New Service – Social Media Marketing

August 17, 2017
Modern Marketing This month we are proud to announce our newest service: Social Media Marketing. Our modern digital strategy, comprised of paid promotions & targeted organic campaigns, is guaranteed to maximize your company’s reach. Our experienced team is dedicated to driving real business

Advancing Children of Turlock

August 8, 2017
Children First Advancing Children of Turlock (ACT), Established in 2015, is a social and philanthropic non-profit working to benefit the lives and opportunities of underprivileged children in the Turlock community.  The organization was formed as a way for professionals who care about the youth of

How To – Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

July 21, 2017
  Security Check Keeping your WordPress site secure should be one of your top priorities. When it comes to preventing attacks on your website a good offense is the best security defense. Regularly installing updates, using the right plugins & having working backups are all key to a

Sole Luna Films

July 11, 2017
San Francisco Cinematography Soleluna Films, owned by John Escobar, is a wedding and event cinematography studio located in the bustling city of San Francisco. For the past year, they have vividly captured once-in-a-lifetime occasions for countless individuals, combining the elements of music,