Hazardous Management Services, Inc.

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Hazardous Management Services, Inc.

Since 1984


Hazard Mangement Services, Inc. (HMS) has been in operation since its establishment by founders Jim & Barbara Sharp in 1984. While working for Cal/OSHA’s Consultation branch in the early 1980’s, Jim saw the need to help school districts and other building owners with the asbestos-containing materials existing in their buildings. HMS, Inc. has since been providing exceptional environmental, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, workplace health & safety, and regulatory compliance consulting services and have expanded their clientele. When the HMS team was ready to refresh their online presence, they called on Rare Digital. We worked hand in hand with their team to redesign their current website – implementing a new layout that was equally informative, responsive & aesthetically pleasing. We are happy to have created the perfect space for their exceptional business!



“Rare Digital made the process of taking our new design and implementing it as painless as it could be.”

Dave Hernard
Dave Hernard, Network Operations | HMS, Inc.




  • New Modern Design
  • Online Test Quiz
  • Class Registration & Schdeduling
  • On-Going Monthly Support
  • WordPress Maintenance
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