The Greenery Nursery

By Liz 1 year ago
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The Greenery Nursery

& Garden Shop

The Greenery Nursery & Garden Shop is an enchanting escape in downtown Turlock, CA. Their mission is to offer exceptional items in a beautiful atmosphere, and they’re achieving just that! Through our recent collaboration, we created a new e-commerce website for the team & manage their social media marketing.  Direct correlations have been linked between our work for The Greenery and increased sales. Our upcoming client story will contain more information on how we achieved, and continue, our successful partnership.



“We thoroughly enjoy working with Rare Digital. They are professional and timely yet flexible and have met our every need.”

Adria Afferino
Adria Afferino, Nursery Manager | The Greenery


E-Commerce & Marketing


  • Modern Responsive Design
  • Class Registration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • On-Going Support
  • Website Hosting
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