Turlock Uke Jamz

By Myka 7 months ago
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Turlock Uke Jamz

A relaxed, stress free place to play ukulele!

Turlock Uke Jamz is a meeting group comprised of local ukulele & wind instrument players who gather once a month to share and celebrate their love of music. There is no cost to join & no monthly dues! Those involved with Turlock Uke Jamz encourage all individuals interested in Ukulele (or other acoustic instruments) to join their next event. To ensure everyone is on the same page, sheet music for future meet ups are posted online. Recently, we worked alongside the group to update their old webpage with a modern, responsive website where current & future attendees could locate upcoming sheet music, and information about the group & their events. For more information about, be sure to read our upcoming client story!


“Rare Digital took our outdated website and completely reinvented our on-line presence. Our new website is sleek, user-friendly, and completely suits the needs of our local ukulele community”

Joe Persons
Joe Persons, | Turlock Uke Jamz




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