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Hazardous Management Services, Inc.

November 2, 2018
  The HMS, Inc. Story Hazard Management Services, Inc. (HMS) has been in operation since its establishment by founders Jim & Barbara Sharp in 1984. While working for Cal/OSHA’s Consultation branch in the early 1980’s, Jim saw the need to help school districts and other building owners with the asbestos-containing materials existing in their buildings. He originally founded HMS, Inc. as an asbestos consulting and removal company, however in 1987, when the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) was issued – splitting the asbestos industry into consultants and contractors – HMS, Inc. chose to pursue consulting only.   HMS, Inc. has since been providing exceptional environmental, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, workplace health & safety, and regulatory compliance consulting services. They have expanded their clientele to include hospitals, municipal utility districts, universities, refineries, shopping malls, theaters, federal government facilities, large and small private building owners, construction management firms, general contractors, and architects. Credentials & Specialties Jim Sharp was one of the initial AHERA instructors at UC Berkeley and helped design the original course materials. Mike Sharp acquired the company in 2001 & served as director of UC Berkeley’s asbestos and lead training programs in 2015 & 2016. Currently HMS, Inc. is accredited by Cal/OSHA, the California Department of Public Health, and the Federal EPA to provide courses for professional asbestos and lead certifications. The team has added expertise in mold, PCBs, and various other hazardous materials to its consulting services since it’s inception. They regularly provide asbestos training at conferences & private classes throughout California, Nevada, New Mexico & occasionally other states & countries. “Our expertise and the special care we take with our clients has lead numerous cities, counties, school and utility districts, and public agencies to choose us as their primary environmental consulting firm,” the team commented. Establishing A New Look When the HMS team was ready to refresh their online presence, they called on Rare Digital. We worked hand in hand with their team to redesign their current website – implementing a new layout that was equally informative, responsive & aesthetically pleasing. Individuals & businesses alike can easily learn about the history of HMS, Inc., their current offerings & even register for classes with a quick visit to the site! “Rare Digital made the process of taking our new design and implementing it as painless as it could be,” they noted. We are happy to have created the perfect space for their exceptional business! If you or anyone you know is looking for Hazardous Material Services information, you can reach the HMS, Inc. team by visiting their website at:

The Benefits of an Organized Workspace

October 17, 2018
  Organization is a key element to success. Whether you are using a calendar or planner to keep your meetings top of mind, or a standing to-do list to remember key tasks for important projects, having things in order is a sure way to succeed. In fact, 90% of Americans believe that clutter has a negative impact on their lives & work. Below, we outline several ways staying organized will enhance your ability to work more efficiently. Remember Important Tasks To ensure you complete important tasks in a timely manner, we suggest having a designated inbox/outbox location on your desk, or a nearby filing cabinet or shelf. The same way you can organize your virtual inbox, we suggest you manage physical things coming & going from your desk. If you know what items still need to be addressed with a quick glance, it will save you time and lessen your likelihood of forgetting a key task. Save Time With the workload you’re faced with each day, organizing your desk may seem like a waste of time. When you take the initial time up front to organize your workspace you are setting a foundation to not waste time in the future. When everything has a designated place, you will waste less time switching between projects & tasks. Foster Creativity Always remember – nothing inspires creativity more than a blank slate! Having a clean desk allows you to focus on the task at hand, at any given moment. If your desk is scattered with un-finished business, you will be bombarded with looming projects at every turn. Less Clutter Reduces Stress The more unnecessary items that litter your desk – piles of papers, napkins or snacks, loose notes – the more likely you are to be distracted. Distraction not only pulls your focus from the task at hand, it also has the tendency to contribute to a feeling of being overwhelmed. Having an organized space will reduce unnecessary stress, and allow you to face key projects with a clear head & a positive attitude. Organization Communicates Professionalism Your desk is a visual representation of your level of professionalism. Having a clean & tidy workspace is important whether you are entertaining a co-worker, potential partner, or your boss. We recommend limiting your desktop items to the things you use on a daily basis. The first step is often the hardest one. Once your workspace is tidy, the more likely you will be to keep it that way. Whether your motivation is staying on task, saving time, or creating opportunity for increased creativity, we urge you to create an organized foundation sooner rather than later. Your quality of work, your clients – and maybe even your boss – will thank you!

Squash Unlimited

October 2, 2018
  Squash Enthusiast Larry Howes of Canada is a squash player, enthusiast and self proclaimed “gear head.” He sold squash equipment across the USA & Canada through his first online store from 2003 to 2005. He has since opened a brick & mortar location in Kingston, ON Canada, and released a new website.  High Quality Equipment Larry & his employees avoid marketing hype and give honest answers to their customers about gear and the game. Although their reach is growing, the folks at Squash Unlimited remain true to their roots.  “We are still a small business…we playtest everything we sell before stocking it and feel that each product has merit on the court,” Larry said. Moving Online In 2016, with the help of Rare Digital, work began on a new Squash Unlimited website. We have since refreshed the website with a new, modern design to ensure the platform remains fresh & intriguing to its visitors. The refresh also included upgrades that streamlined the checkout process & optimized page loading speeds to ensure customer satisfaction at every level. The ongoing support we provide for the website allows Larry the time he needs to focus on his physical customers in Canada, while not falling behind on those he reaches with his online presence.  “Rare Digital helped me redesign & maintain the first website I built, and are always super patient and super helpful,” Larry commented. Working with great clients like Larry make our jobs not only enjoyable, but also easy. To purchase gear, or browse products, you can visit the site here: