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Our experienced team grows businesses through modern digital marketing. We specialize in website design, software development, and social media management

Website Design

We create beautiful intuitive websites that stand out online. All of our sites include responsive layouts that look great on any screen size.

Social Media Marketing

With a modern social media strategy we help clients grow their online presence, making meaningful connections with their audience along the way.

WordPress Optimization

Let us speed up your existing site & optimize your WordPress installation. Plans include: maintenance, automatic backups and malware scans.

Software Development

We use the latest technology to develop custom software solutions for your business. These applications will save you time & money.

Exceptional Support

Ongoing support and excellent customer service are the keys to a successful project. Our team is never more than a phone call or email away.

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  • The Idea

    An initial meeting allows us to gather information as well as any project requirements. Defining a clear objective is the best way to start.

  • The Solution

    Once a goal has been established we begin the design & development process. Regular check-ins keep everyone in the loop & the project on track.

  • The Launch

    Sharing your completed project with the world is exciting. We create social media & advertising campaigns that help ensure a successful launch.

  • The Future

    As your business grows we are here to provide continuous support & guidance. We look forward to creating long term business relationships with our clients.

You’re In Good Company

We’ve worked with businesses large & small on projects ranging from logo redesigns to multi-site installations. Take a look at a few of our client stories for more details.
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Recent News

Welcome To Our Office!

February 26, 2019
Creating a productive space for our team, and a dedicated location to connect with our clients, has been our aspiration for quite some time. At the end of 2018, we were fortunate to take that step and now have a space designated for all things Rare Digital! We have spent the past several weeks settling into our new office – from new furniture & decor, to our favorite Field Notes writing pads. We look forward to all of the opportunities our office will play host to in the coming year. Follow along below for a virtual tour. Come In Our office is located in a charming building in downtown Turlock. Large wooden doors & gold numbers welcome you into our space. On The Go! Our (optional) standing desk is the perfect compliment to our traditional desktop workstation. It is our favorite spot to stop & make notes when returning from a client visit, or to jot down last minute ideas before heading out to our next meeting.       Coffee Break These chairs are the most comfortable seat in the office! They create the prefect place for a coffee break, or a team meeting. The succulents overhead bring a little bit of life to our otherwise very digital world.       Traditional Workstation Our traditional desktop workstation is where we come when we need to focus! It is a great spot for coding new websites, updating content & other ventures coming soon. Do I spy a podcasting station?         Modern Views One of our favorite things about the office is the wall of windows – they add a bit of character to the otherwise modern workspace we’ve created. We also love the natural light & potted plants that help bring a breath of fresh air to even our busiest days.       Stop by! If you find yourself in downtown Turlock, be sure to stop by and say hi! We’d love to host our next client meeting with you at the office. If you have any questions about what our business can do for yours, let us know at [email protected] We wanted to thank each of our clients, our supporters and you, our readers, for allowing us to continue doing what we love.

Alexander Levy Real Estate Group

February 20, 2019
Alexander Levy, of the Levy Real Estate Group, has relentless drive and a tireless work ethic. He differentiates himself from the typical real estate agent in that no assignment is too big and no goal is too ambitious. His vision for success, creative abilities, outside-the-box thinking and in-depth knowledge of the Central Valley’s luxury real estate market makes him a perfect fit in working with homeowners and developers to market the best the Central Valley has to offer. The Levy Real Estate Group is comprised of experts in marketing and selling luxury properties. They leverage the best attributes each property has to offer in order to obtain the highest sales price possible. Real estate is an ever changing and highly competitive industry in which Alexander & his team manage to stay ahead of the curve. When Alexander was ready to increase his exposure and expand his business, he knew a website was the perfect next step. Our team worked with Alexander to create the sleek & modern website he envisioned. We partnered with Adam Wright Design to create a customized logo & graphic that perfectly captures their business. Clients and potential home owners can now browse current homes on the market, in real time, and even save their own home searches – all with ease! “Working with Rare Digital has been an exceptional experience. They were able to turn my vision into a reality,” Alexander Stated. To ensure the website remains up to date, we have partnered with Alexander & his team on a continuing support contract. Whether the website requires updated plugins, additional content, or new images – it’s all covered. Additionally, our content marketing team works with Alexander to create content for monthly blog posts. “Rare Digital continues to manage and build out the site with updates and edits whenever we need them done, they do great work,” the team added. We are grateful to be working with clients like Alexander & the Levy Real Estate Group. From the creation of their online presence, to it’s management & beyond, we are exited to watch their business grow! If you are looking for information about real estate, especially within California’s Central Valley, you can reach the Levy Real Estate Group at:

How To: Manage Social Media Effectively

January 30, 2019
Whether you are looking to expand the reach of your company, market your services inexpensively, or connect with your audience, social media can be a great tool. Like with any business decision, it is important to make sure you are choosing the right social media platform for your team. Below, we outline 5 Guidelines to help you choose the right platform(s) for your business & Manage your Social Media presence Effectively. 1. Research In order to choose the right platform(s) for your business, it’s important that you understand what options are available. Something that works for an apparel company, will differ from what works for a small bakery or chain restaurant. The fundamentals of social media marketing are similar across multiple channels of business. Through research, you will be able to find the strategy that works best with your audience. Once you determine the social media platform that best suits your company, you can begin creating targeted goals and objectives. 2. Listen To Your Customers Utilizing your Social Media platform as an extension of your Customer Service team is a great tool. Most consumers will voice their opinions on social media rather than via email or over the phone. Additionally, listening to your followers could open the door to new opportunities. Gaining feedback direct from consumers about where your business is lacking, or what’s working, will help you determine next-steps for your company & your team. 3. Schedule Posts Consistency is key when creating content for Social Media. It is important that you post often enough to keep your followers intrigued, but not so often that you start to seem spammy. Scheduling posts in advance allows you more time to create thoughtful content rather than on-the-spot comments. Additionally, the less time you’re spending managing your posts, the more free-time you have to engage with your audience. 4. Connect With Your Audience Although consistent posts are an important part of your successful social media marketing plan, you want to be sure that you are not just posting & walking away. When your communication lines are always open, you are able to discover problematic situations before they spiral out of control. Running a poll in your story or providing behind-the-scenes footage is a great way to intrigue & engage with your viewers. 5. Measure & Review Statistics Whether your social media budget is $10/week, or $1000/week, the objective is the same: trigger engagement. In order to ensure that you are getting your moneys worth, you will need to track & measure everything! Having a clear goal, or benchmark, will allow you to determine whether or not your social media efforts are paying off. The data you collect and analyze can then be used to make changes in future campaigns. You must be willing to constantly optimize and test your efforts if you want to develop a truly successful campaign. Having a presence on every social media platform should not be the goal for your business. Instead, figure out which avenues will best