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Our experienced team grows businesses through modern digital marketing. We specialize in website design, software development, and social media management

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We create beautiful intuitive websites that stand out online. All of our sites include responsive layouts that look great on any screen size.

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With a modern social media strategy we help clients grow their online presence, making meaningful connections with their audience along the way.

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Let us speed up your existing site & optimize your WordPress installation. Plans include: maintenance, automatic backups and malware scans.

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We use the latest technology to develop custom software solutions for your business. These applications will save you time & money.

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Ongoing support and excellent customer service are the keys to a successful project. Our team is never more than a phone call or email away.

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    An initial meeting allows us to gather information as well as any project requirements. Defining a clear objective is the best way to start.

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    Once a goal has been established we begin the design & development process. Regular check-ins keep everyone in the loop & the project on track.

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    Sharing your completed project with the world is exciting. We create social media & advertising campaigns that help ensure a successful launch.

  • The Future

    As your business grows we are here to provide continuous support & guidance. We look forward to creating long term business relationships with our clients.

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We’ve worked with businesses large & small on projects ranging from logo redesigns to multi-site installations. Take a look at a few of our client stories for more details.
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How to Create Your Own Instagram Theme

July 17, 2019
Instagram can be a very effective platform for promoting your business or personal brand when utilized to its fullest potential. With the overwhelming amount of consumers on Instagram, it can be a helpful tool to showcase the best qualities and unbeatable services that your company offers to the public. What sets this social media platform apart from the rest is the unique profile layout that it provides its users. Aside from first impressions that your audience concludes when seeing your individual posts on their timeline, the appearance of your profile as a whole can affect the way that viewers perceive your business. When it comes to attracting your target audience on Instagram, a cohesive profile layout, also known as an Instagram theme, can create a world of difference for your online presence. This simple editing tip can make your profile look instantly organized and overall more professional. Through developing an aesthetically pleasing depiction of your business, you will be able to effortlessly expand your reach and gain an even larger audience on a platform that currently dominates the social media scene. Coordinate Colors The most simple route to start an Instagram theme is to decide on a color palette as a guideline to follow when editing future posts. This color palette will determine the tone or mood that is associated with your social media presence so make sure that it is an appropriate representation of your brand. The possibilities are endless with this step so don’t be afraid to get creative!    Pro tip: Edit every post using the same one to two in app filters that match the color palette you have already chosen. If you want your page to stand out even more, you can invest in instagram preset filters from a third party that can give you one-click photo editing options that are not already available on Instagram.    Alternate Posts If the only content that you post on Instagram is electronic posters, potential audience members may become overwhelmed by the amount of words that greet them when they open your profile page. In this case, the notion that “less is more” should be applied and you should think about the bigger picture before you post anything. An easy way to avoid a crowded profile layout is to alternate between uploading posters that contain a lot of information and simple pictures.    Pro tip: Use stock images or photos you have taken yourself that are related to your brand to grab the viewer’s attention. You can highlight upcoming events or special services your company offers in the caption of these posts making them just as informational as an electronic poster but more appealing to the eye. There are also an abundance of free mobile apps that can help you plan out how you want your profile to look by allowing you to preview what a photo would look like in your current layout before you post it.   By coordinating how your individual Instagram posts will look

Diverse Technology Industrial, Inc.

June 11, 2019
Diverse Technology Industrial, Inc. (DTI) is an industrial and commercial flooring corporation located in Northern California.  Since their inception in 2014, DTI has upheld the belief that the quality of their relationships with their clients is the most important factor that leads them to success. Their philosophy is to work alongside clients and to encourage open communication so that the experience feels more like a partnership, versus a transaction. Paired with an unparalleled innovativeness to their craft, these features set DTI apart from their competition across the board.  Although they offer a multitude of unique services, they specialize in resinous flooring, coatings, epoxy, concrete polishing, and staining, as well as custom applications. During each project, they make sure to pay careful attention to even the smallest of details in their work in order to guarantee client satisfaction every time. In addition to the beautiful appearance of their work, DTI strives to create projects that are made to last, so that their clients can enjoy the work for many years to come. We had the privilege of working alongside the team at DTI to create a new modern website, highlighting all that their company has to offer. The website now includes easily accessible features that create an aesthetically pleasing, user friendly online space. With this update, potential clients are now able to view an extensive list of their services faster than ever before. We also included a new Blog section that displays client stories, along with before and after photos of their completed projects. The website also includes a section showcasing DTI’s amazing team, as well as the story of how the company got to where they are today. In addition to their new website, we provide them with ongoing support as well. We are thankful to have had the chance to work alongside this company to help revamp their online presence. If you would like more information on how Diverse Technology Industrial can assist you in your next renovation project, contact them at (209) 879-9674 or view their website at:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

May 29, 2019
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast   Quick and Easy Start Up The beauty of podcasts is that anyone can start one! The set up needed to create a podcast is not only simple, but also inexpensive. There are a variety of websites and programs that allow you to host and edit your podcasts for free. Aside from saving money, you are also saving space in your office since a whole studio isn’t required because not much equipment is needed besides a microphone, a computer, and headphones. You are also able to prerecord podcasts on your own time for upcoming weeks and have a month’s worth of content created in just a few hours. Increase Your Audience Podcasts are becoming more and more popular mainly for the fact that they are convenient to the consumer. Not all weeks are created equal so some weeks your followers may not have enough time to scroll through social media or read your posts from that week. People are likely to favor podcasts during a busy week since that form of content encourages multitasking. With a podcast, your followers are able to listen to your content during daily activities such as their commute to work or while at the gym. Additionally, podcasts can be helpful in reaching a new audience who you wouldn’t have been able to reach before, who may not enjoy reading or do not have social media accounts. No Limitations Podcasts allow you to discuss more in depth details on a topic than you are able to in a social media post. On platforms like Twitter, you only have 280 characters to express your thoughts, but with a podcast, the possibilities are endless. In writing, it can be difficult at times to find the right words to truly convey your message. A podcast can be helpful to avoid miscommunications that can come from the written word, and can overall make the whole experience more personable for both the content creator and the audience. Cross Promotion Podcasts are a great way to increase traffic to your website and other social media pages as well. During your podcast, you can promote your other online profiles and vice versa. This will make you marketable across all popular forms of media ensuring that you get the exposure that your brand deserves. Networking Opportunities If your decide to continue with your podcasts in the future, it can open up many opportunities to grow your brand or your business. Additional funding for your podcast or even another source of income can come from brand deals in the form of sponsorships. Further publicity to new audiences can also come from having guest speakers appear on your podcast as well.   We hope that this installment of the blog gave you some insight to the benefits that can come from giving yourself or your business a voice within the podcasting community. If you have any questions on where to begin in your podcasting journey, feel free