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Our experienced team grows businesses through modern digital marketing. We specialize in website design, software development, and social media management

Website Design

We create beautiful intuitive websites that stand out online. All of our sites include responsive layouts that look great on any screen size.

Social Media Marketing

With a modern social media strategy we help clients grow their online presence, making meaningful connections with their audience along the way.

WordPress Optimization

Let us speed up your existing site & optimize your WordPress installation. Plans include: maintenance, automatic backups and malware scans.

Software Development

We use the latest technology to develop custom software solutions for your business. These applications will save you time & money.

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Ongoing support and excellent customer service are the keys to a successful project. Our team is never more than a phone call or email away.

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  • The Idea

    An initial meeting allows us to gather information as well as any project requirements. Defining a clear objective is the best way to start.

  • The Solution

    Once a goal has been established we begin the design & development process. Regular check-ins keep everyone in the loop & the project on track.

  • The Launch

    Sharing your completed project with the world is exciting. We create social media & advertising campaigns that help ensure a successful launch.

  • The Future

    As your business grows we are here to provide continuous support & guidance. We look forward to creating long term business relationships with our clients.

You’re In Good Company

We’ve worked with businesses large & small on projects ranging from logo redesigns to multi-site installations. Take a look at a few of our client stories for more details.
Client Stories

Recent News

WonUp Featured Turlock Journal Story

November 7, 2019
A few weeks ago, we were featured in the Turlock Journal highlighting our newest development project, an iOS app called WonUp. The article starts by explaining what WonUp is and how we came up with the idea, while providing some insight regarding the history of our business.  For those who aren’t familiar with WonUp, it is a new app that our team created and launched last month designed to simplify the process of hosting and entering giveaways for local businesses in the greater Turlock area. The article details many features that our app offers users as well as discusses how easy it is to sign up and start winning prizes for free from any of the 15 businesses currently registered on the app. Our app is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – allowing users to enter giveaways with just the tap of a finger. Additionally, WonUp offers one of a kind promotions, such as discounts and consolation prizes, just for entering. From a hosting perspective, we’ve got you covered! Through cutting edge technology, WonUp eliminates the tedious task of ensuring that all participants have followed the necessary rules required for your giveaway and does all of the hard work for you. You’ll never have to worry about manually picking a winner again.  We are overjoyed to have had the privilege of meeting with Angela Martin, the journalist for the Turlock Journal who wrote this story, and we hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about our latest business venture. To see firsthand what all the hype is about and to join in on the fun, download WonUp for free in the iOS app store today by scanning the QR code below! To read the exclusive Turlock Journal article on WonUp, click here:

How-To: Expand Your Reach on Social Media

November 1, 2019
Social media has become a game changer in digital marketing and creating awareness of your brand. Expanding your reach is crucial to maintaining relevance online as well as staying in business. Here are some suggestions to help you increase your current number of followers and overall boost your potential for online exposure. One of the most important things to consider when trying to grow your reach is your current target audience. It is important to identify groups that you are hoping to reach that you haven’t been able to yet. You can start by looking at your social media profile analytics to reflect on what has been working so far, what hasn’t been working so well, and what you can improve on. Try experimenting with posting at different times of the day when your followers seem to be most active to see if that changes your overall account involvement. Adding popular hashtags for the specific time of year to each of your posts and tagging locations when you can will increase your chances of exposure. We encourage you to utilize the explore page on platforms like Instagram to their fullest potential by liking other peoples’ photos and following accounts that have similar interests to your brand. Stories, especially on Instagram, are known to get more views than timeline posts. By including gifs, polls, and video snippets, you can excite your audience with different content than they are used to seeing, which can lead to higher engagement from them as well as from groups outside of your normal following.  All content on your social media platforms does not have to, and realistically shouldn’t be only about the products and services that your company offers. Make sure that your content is useful to your audience in more ways than just as a consumer. Social media values mutually beneficial relationships between the person posting and the person viewing. Your posts should appeal to that relationship. It is important to remember that an essential part of growing and maintaining an audience on social media is by allowing the audience to benefit from your content as well. An example of the ways in which you can add some much needed variety to your content is to create posts that include helpful tips & tricks for viewers through the form of instructions for a DIY project or How-To videos regarding a topic related to your brand. Another quick way to expand your reach and gain followers outside of your usual audience is to host a giveaway. Giveaways are a great way to allow your audience to interact with your brand and to give back to your community. A few giveaway tactics that can increase traffic to your page is to have participants tag a certain number of friends in the comments section, or have them follow your page as a rule of entering your raffle. With our new app, MyWonUp, we make it easier than ever to run your own giveaway and even assist you in

Client Story: Del Rio Nut Company

October 21, 2019
Del Rio Nut Company is a family owned business that stems from humble beginnings dating back to 1917. Today, they are a vertically integrated ‘mid-sized’ brown skin almond handler working with over 200 different almond growers throughout the state of California. Quality, integrity, and honesty are the core values held by this company. Each of these three principles serve as the ideals they strive to uphold in all of their business endeavors. As growers, hullers/shellers, and processors themselves, Del Rio Nut Company recognizes the importance of customer service and customer satisfaction. In addition to this mentality, they also believe that the way to true health is through the food individuals consume on a daily basis. For this reason, they pride themselves on being experts in all aspects of the almond industry and focus on producing nutrient dense, clean food in a sustainable way.  Recently, our team had the privilege of working with Del Rio Nut Company in providing them with a brand new website. Following our signature modern layout, we designed their website to be sleek and user friendly. On the homepage of their website, the audience is greeted by a section specifically created to highlight their current services offered. In addition, the website features clickable tabs for both growers and buyers that include a list of helpful resources for each. While catering to both growers and buyers, the website also gives the public insight into the company’s rich history and current staff. As a method of remaining accessible to the community, we also set up an easy to use contact form through which visitors can voice their concerns and opinions to the company. By including a search bar, website users can search keywords and find exactly what they are looking for within a matter of seconds.  We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Del Rio Nut Company in an effort to strengthen their company’s online presence and we are eager to work with even more local companies in the future!